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Terms & Conditions



CHARTER PRICE: Charter price includes the charter of the yacht with its equipment. Harbor dues, registration and any other taxes, as well as fuel costs are not included. The yacht can be used only after duly effected payment. If significant charter fee calculation errors occur in the charter contract, according to the valid price list, both parties have right to correct these errors without interfering the validity of the contract itself.

GENERAL DUTIES: Charterer, or the yacht leader, declares that he disposes with all the navigational skills and posses a valid certificate to lead the yacht at the open sea, as well as the certificate to use the VHF radio. If the base manager arrives to a conclusion that the yacht leader does not dispose with the necessary skills and knowledge he has right to disallow the yacht to leave the harbor. The charterer is obliged to handle the yacht with its equipment and inventory with care and conscience. He is obliged to sail within the territorial waters of Greece (exceptions are subject to a special, written approval, not to sub charter the yacht, nor to relent it to the third person, not to participate in competitive regattas without a written approval of the charter giver. He is additionally obliged not to use the yacht for commercial purposes, not to take aboard any undeclared of prohibited items, not to sail at night by unsafe weather conditions, nor in the areas forbidden for navigation, not to embark more persons than reported in the crew list, to obey the public rules, orders and laws. The charterer assumes the responsibility for the consequences of non-observance to his obligations. In case of yacht, its equipment damage or malfunction, the charterer is obliged to inform the charter giver immediately, using one of the few telephone numbers in the inventory list. The charter giver is obliged to remove the damage or malfunction upon notification. If he removes the damage within 24 hours, the charterer has no right to request any reimbursement. For the damages occurred as the consequence of the normal wear and tear of the yacht and its equipment, the charterer can bear the charges of the repair up to the cost of 100 EURO and be refunded from the charter giver presenting the bill. In that case the charterer is obliged to present also the replaced parts. The charterer is obliged to notify the authorities and the charter giver without delay if the yacht or its equipment is missing, if the further navigation is not possible, and in case the yacht was disposed of, prized or if further navigation was prohibited by authorities or third parties. In the event of damage, the charterer is obliged to report the event to the authorized harbor master's office and make the protocol (course of events, estimation of a damage) for the insurance company. He is also obliged to inform the charter giver about the event as soon as possible. Charterer is obliged to make a private log book which is to be presented in case of the damage. Should the charterer disobey the above mentioned obligations, he can be fully charged for the damage occurred, and may also undergo a criminal responsibility. For the acts and failures of charterer which result in material and penal consequences of the charterer giver to the third parties, the charterer is obliged to indemnify the costs. If the further navigation is for somereason impossible, or the overdue of disembarkation time is unavoidable, charterer is obliged to notify the base manager in order to receive the detailed instructions. The charter giver ensures all the necessary navigation permits and certificates.


TAKE OVER OF YACHT: The yacht will be consigned completely equipped, with the fuel and water tanks full, clean and dry, and the same condition is expected by return of the vessel. The yachts are put at charterer's disposal at the appointed time, at the appointed place. The charterer checks and confirms the condition of the yacht and equipment according to the charter giver's inventory lists, which is to be signed by both parties. The inventory list is the component part of the charter contract, and the stipulations contained therein are obligatory for both parties. Taking over the yacht is the confirmation of the established condition beyond dispute. The charterer is obliged to test the nautical equipment immediately after leaving the port. If any defect is found, the charterer is obliged to return to the port and have it reported and removed. If he fails to do so, the following rule is applied for the vessel "consigned in order". The possible covered defects of the vessel or its equipment which could not be known to the charter giver in the moment of consignation, as well as defects which could arise after the takeover, do not entitle the charterer to reduce the charter price. If the charterer fails to take over the yacht within 48 hours, the charter giver is authorized to give up the contract. In case the charter giver is not in a position to place the appointed yacht at the charterer's disposal, he can provide another, at least identical one. If it is not possible, the charterer could be offered adequate accommodation and board for the days of waiting. The charterer is entitled to demand the refund of the charter fee for the days he was not using the vessel. If the charterer is not in a position to place at charterer's disposal the identical or better yacht within 24 hours after the appointed time, the charterer has the right to give up the contract and request the reimbursement of the charter fee. Any other indemnity is excluded (for example travel expenses, travel premiums). If the parts of the equipment are damaged or lost in a previous charter without knowledge of the charter giver, the charterer has no right to give up the contract or to ask for reduction of the charter fee if the secure navigation is not rendered impossible.