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How do I select a yacht that is right for me?

The more you can tell us about your interests, period and duration of travel, number of people participating, budget, and even about your dreams, the better we will be able to guide you to the perfect selection. We personally inspect all the yachts we offer, know the crew and itineraries well, and try to find the perfect match.

How do I charter a yacht?

  • a) Choose your cruising area, specific charter dates and the type of yacht (crewed motor yachts, crewed motor sailers, crewed or skippered sailing yacht, crewed catamarans or bareboat)
  • b) As soon as you are ready to confirm your charter, you will receive a charter agreement HYBA (Hellenic Yacht Broker Association) or MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association), together with a request for a down payment to secure the booking.
  • c) You will also receive a detailed List about your food & drinks preferences, any special dietary requirements, your flights details, hotel reservation, any special occasion etc.

What is a Charter Agreement?

A Charter Agreement is a legal document between the broker and you as a charter client that outlines the major factors of your yachting vacation. It will outline the chosen yacht, cruise dates, intended destinations and cost.

How do I pay?

  • a) Down Payment: 50% of the clear charter fee upon signing the contract.
  • b) Balance Fees: Rest 50% of the total charter fee plus the *** APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) or/and any other clients' expenses 3 weeks prior embarkation.
  • ***The APA is valid for crewed yacht charters only.

What is Advance Provisioning Allowance"APA"?

  • When chartering a crewed yacht you will be required to make a deposit in advance of the charter. This deposit is called the "advance provisioning allowance" or APA. The APA amount is used to cover expenses during the charter, such as fuel for the main engine & generator, gasoline for the tender & water toys, food, drinks & spirits, port fees or private marina fees (if any), taxes, and/or other expenses not included in the Charter Fee.
  • The captain of the yacht is responsible for accounting for all APA expenses during the charter, and the breakdown will be presented to you in a clear manner at the end of the charter.
  • If the costs incurred during the charter are less than the APA deposit, then the difference will be refunded to the Charterer at the end of the charter.
  • If the costs incurred during the charter that are over and above the APA deposit then this difference will be payable by the Charterer at the end of the charter.
  • This allowance is normally calculated as 25% to 30% of the charter fee.

What should I know about bareboat charter?

Qualifications: The skipper should have an appropriate, sailing certificate, or demonstrate sailing club membership. If not issued by an EU member state, certification should carry a translation in Greek or English. 
The co skipper should provide similar certification to the skipper but may otherwise complete sign a self-declaration for the port authority. Both skipper and co-skipper may also be required to submit a sailing resume to enable us to assess their ability to sail safely. 
Check in/Check out: Always Saturday to Saturday. Embarkation: 17:00 hrs/Disembarkation: 09:00 hrs (The yacht should be returned to the homeport the afternoon prior to disembarkation by 18:00 hrs)
Bareboat Charter Includes: VAT, yacht, linen & towels, dinghy with o/b & gas.
Bareboat Charter doesn't include: *** The Refundable or non Refundable Security Deposit, Fuels, Food and Drinks, Port/Marina fees, End Cleaning (depending on yacht length)
*** Refundable security deposit has to be paid (in cash or by credit card) prior to departure. This security deposit will be refunded at the end of the cruise as far as no damage/loss has occurred to the yacht and equipment. Personal checks of any kind are not acceptable.

What should I bring with me?

  • Check with your broker what items will be provided on the yacht. There is no need to bring bedding, sheets or towels since most bareboat companies provide it, while crewed yachts will almost certainly have all this onboard.
  • Casual wearing is recommended, and since the weather is usually sunny you will spend most of the vacation in bathing suits, so bring even a few of them. You will spend most time on board barefoot, but it's good to pack some flip-flops and a rubber soled sandals or "reef runners" for venturing ashore.
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreens with at least 20SPF are very highly recommended, as well as soothing after sun products. An extra sweater and long cotton pants for cool nights and a light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days Your toiletry bag should include all the usual items and perhaps insect repellent and seasickness pill just in case.
  • Also, if you intend to visit monasteries and churches while in Greece, a dress or skirt to cover women is requested.
  • Bring your favourite reading materials and CD's, but don't forget to check if your yacht is equipped with a CD player. On crewed yachts you can normally be sure that you will have a CD and DVD player onboard, together with a collection of CD's and DVD's.
  • If possible, pack your things in soft-sided bags, especially if chartering a small sailing boat.

Can I bring children on a yacht charter vacation?

  • All private crewed charter yachts are child-friendly, although the crew is busy with their responsibilities, so if your charter party includes children, you will be fully responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment.
  • On bareboats you are the skipper and therefore you should decide for yourself whether or not you wish to bring children on holiday with you and parents know what is best for their children, and therefore how they wish to proceed.
  • Please ask for our advice, would be more than happy to assist you.

Are gratuities for the crew included in the price?

The tips for the crew are extra. At the end of every crewed or skippered charter, at your discretion, it is customary to tip the Captain and crew. If you have had a wonderful time and think it was as a result of long hours and attention to detail by the crew, then 10% of the base charter fee may be fair.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed on board yachts. Crews have a duty to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Pets can be even more sensitive than humans and longer cruises can be very uncomfortable for pets. However, your broker will be at your disposal for any discussion on this.

Is smoking allowed on yachts?

Some areas allow smoking, but it is specifically strictly forbidden in cabins or state rooms. Most yachts do allow smoking on deck. If any of your guests are smokers, please advise Exadas Yachts and we will tell the crew and do our best to accommodate your wishes.

What's on the menu?

A food preference list (Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)) will be sent to you before the charter. This will enable you to familiarize the crew with your favorite foods and drinks. The food onboard and the menus presented are designed around the preferences you express to the broker prior to the charter. If you have a chef onboard, they can prepare most meals you request with advanced notice. Chefs for the crewed yachts will do their very best to satisfy your requirements.

What about a special menu or food requirement?

It is important that the crew know in advance of any allergies or serious food aversions. This should be specified in the preference list.

What do we do about passports and visas?

Passports must be taken, and visas, if applicable, must be secured in advance of the charter.

Might we get seasick?

Seasickness is a possibility. If you are worried about it, please check with your pharmacist for recommended medication prior to departure. If it is your first time on board a yacht, tell us and the crew and they will try to make your cruising route as comfortable as they possibly can, by looking for recommended routes in protected waters and away from bad weather.

Are there any laundry facilities on board?

Yes, most large yachts are equipped with laundry facilities. These will be able to handle crew uniforms and the large amount of linen on board, but are not generally meant for passenger use. However, the crew will be happy to assist you in taking your laundry to a professional service on shore.

Can we create our own itinerary?

The captain and crew on your yacht will give every assistance to help you choose where to go and where to stay from a selection of locations and islands etc. However, you should note that four hours cruising time per day is the recommended maximum.

Can our privacy be assured?

We have the most carefully selected crew who are experienced in entertaining celebrities and high-level statesmen. All our crew are professionals with absolute discretion, so that you can be certain that your privacy is guaranteed.

Is there a maximum or minimum for how long a charter must last?

Not really. Many brokers will request you to charter for a week, often from Saturday to Saturday, but partial weeks and different start dates are perfectly negotiable. The charter rates for short charters will be calculated differently from a weekly charter however, not simply calculated as a daily rate. If you are looking to book a short charter, aim to avoid the high season, as most yachts will be booked in weekly blocks at this time.

Will my family and office be able to reach me on charter?

Most charter yachts are equipped with some of the latest communications equipment including cellular phones, global satellite communications and radio telephones.

What insurances are needed?

The boat and the crew are insured by the owner. If you wish you can additionally insure yourself and you guests.

Can we cruise at night?

We try to ensure our clients are as safe as possible during their charter so we usually do not recommend cruising at night. However, this will be dependent on weather conditions and at the captain's discretion.

Can we start and end the charter in different locations?

Where possible, we try and tailor your charter to your unique needs so this may be possible by prior arrangement (but subject to berth availability). There will be a relocation cost involved (fuel and time) which your charter consultant can provide details of.

Can you arrange airport transfers?

Your journey to and from your charter should be as seamless as possible, so we will happily arrange charters. Please inform us of your flight details and we will arrange this prior to your charter. This will be at an extra cost.

Can we use the watersports equipment?

We want your charter to be as enjoyable as possible, which is why we carry equipment onboard. Please ask your broker to check what watersports equipment is carried by a particular yacht. What is onboard does vary from yacht to yacht. In some instances it may be possible for charter clients to hire certain equipment if it is not already available onboard.
The yacht's crew members can drive the tender for waterskiing and other sports. Snorkelling equipment is usually onboard and can be used. If SCUBA diving equipment is available, this can be used by the relevant licence-holders. Please bring your licence with you.
Tenders and (eg Waverunner/jet-ski) can only be driven by a licence-holder. Use of these will also depend on the yacht's insurance policy.

We can't decide between a catamaran or monohull sailboat?

While catamarans are more spacious than a monohull yacht, it depends on what you are looking for. A catamaran is certainly more stable than a monohull, which tends to make sleeping, cooking and entertaining more comfortable if you are not accustomed to the movement of a boat. They are also typically very fast while on down wind or beam reaches and frequently faster than monohulls. However, some catamarans tend to be sluggish on upwind legs. For monohull sailors, one has to sail as close to the wind as possible and make headway upwind. If you are looking for the excitement of healing over and truly feeling as though you are sailing then most sailors would tell you that a monohull is the only way to go. If you have older or very small passengers aboard who may be unsteady on their feet a catamaran may be best for your purposes. 

Can I get my special medication while on charter?

These should be brought with you. There are pharmacies on the islands but your particular prescription may be impossible to obtain. Most yachts do carry a basic medical kit.